Data Aquisition

Data Aquisition

We stand for Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, We are specialized in the energy efficiency and the renewable energy sector. Compressed air monitoring system enables us to monitor air flow and pressure in real time thereby helping us to find leakages in passage which will save energy(power) to produce compressed air; also provides data to estimate the efficiency of machines.

Compressed air, also referred to as the 4th Utility (next to Electricity, Water & Steam) is one of the major energy consumption utility in many industry. Various estimates indicate that about 4,000+ MW is consumed nation wide by the compressors and its related accessories & support systems.

The compressed air system in large scale industrial and commercial facilities is vital to production machinery and processes. When it goes low so does the plant output. This important utility is often one of the most costly energy consumers in a facility. Yet most of compressed air system operators doesnt have knowledge about air leakage and this leakage leads to loss in productions. Here to solve this we have come up with fully customized compressors which monitors the airflow and predicts the leakage.

DData Aquisition

It is well known that compressed air is a major energy utility in the textile industry. There is a need for a advanced technological evolution in compressed air systems, in-order to reduce the energy loss and increase in produciton, one that transforms this utility into a cost saving opportunity here our equipment plays a major role.

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Data logging can be used to monitor system control and ensure air compressors are operating correctly. The control of compressed air systems is very important to trouble free operation. The system should be capable of producing a stable supply of clean, dry compressed air at the appropriate pressure in the most efficient manner possible. The energy requirement keep-on changing based on the demand of textile in this highly dynamic market.

Reducing the operating cost has become very essential in the emerging world and there is essential need of reducing energy cost in compressed air by 10-50% in most of the Industries. To overcome the data Loss in the industry we go with air consumption analytics with dashboard. Inspect distribution, Control multiple compressor systems effectively using connected network, Identify and Prevent Leaks, Reduce Pressure. Run at required pressures.