To help farmers adjust to these ever-changing conditions, soil and water sensors are being employed. In the past, farmers collected soil and water conditions from the field by scouting and collecting soil and plant samples. These samples were sent off to a lab for testing, taking maybe precious weeks for results.

Soil is never consistent across a field and this inconsistency is often amplified at the sensor level. Multiple sensors can statistically improve the accuracy and track the active changes, which are variable across a field.

Soil moisture sensors estimate the volume of water content based on the dielectric constant of the soil. The dielectric constant indicates the soil's capability to transmit electricity. As the water content of the soil increases, the dielectric constant of the soil increases, because the dielectric constant of water is much larger than the other soil components, including air. Therefore, the measurement of the dielectric constant gives a predictable assessment of water content.

SSoil Moisture & Nutrition Tracking

The amount of moisture or soil water is important to know because soil water performs as a carrier of food nutrients needed for plant growth. Thus we come up with the technical equipments connected with network and sends us the realtime wheather and humidity of the soil, It helps the farmer to food the plants in the right time,

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Automatic watering helps the labour expense by spraying the plants at the right time of soil moisture automatically when it get the notification of dryness, Apart from this we are working on nutrition improvement in soil, whether predictions, Automatic and Organic Agriculture needs too, we are highly equipped, Our team of experts were keep on working for upgrading the equipments to Next Generation level.

A real-time all in one Dashboard for all our equipment helps the farmer to increase the Growth and yield, which helps them economically rich and huge production.