Firmware Development

Firmware Development for various Applications:

Firmware literally means a software running inside an application specific chip (like microcontroller). So development of such software is firmware development. PC and mobiles use general purpose processors, so their software development cannot be called as firmware.

Firmware is the necessary and sufficient amount of software to power up and use the capabilities of a specific hardware comprising of microcontroller(s) and periperal circuits. Firmware typically provides an api to be used by user level software.

We offer embedded firmware for various applications including storage, display, communication protocols, audio, video, wired and wireless protocols, interfaces, non-RTOS, RTOS, driver for Hardwares and Linux based embedded applications Why is it called firmware, rather than software?

Because it's often more difficult to “upgrade” or fix bugs. For Example: You don't get monthly updates to your microwave! It better be right the first time!

We come for you with the complete development of firmware. Based on clients requirements and products configuration we write own firmware.

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