Our Products comes with Android OS powered Touch display Device having high Accuracy, Fast and Real-Time Biometrics & RFID Authentication. It's designed to enable centralized control in which user's Biometric Template will be stored and restored from server on Updates and Machine status configured from Dashboard itself. It's also enabled with machine level blocking for uninformed leaves, offline functioning and user specific language based voice response.

We provide three Stages of Authentication for User, Superuser and Administrator which provides different sets of services based on there level. Which enables employees to view and manage their Intime, Present days, Absent days, Permission, Onduty, Salary in a nutshell. We provide different perspective to view Employee and Admin data, Where it also provides shift allocation services for employees which can scale from small scale - Large scale industries.

Get real-time notification to employees, managers, team leaders, hierarchy employees via dashboard, SMS and email in the event of leave/permission/onduty/miss punch request or attendance/shift/manual blocked employees. Custom alert or notification to different hierarchy employees will be provided based on customer requirement.

HHuman Resource Management System

Two different views available in dashboard; one for employee and another for Superuser/Admin. Employees can view their Current & Upcoming shift, working days, leave days, onduty days, weekends, company Holidays, present days, balance minute and permission minutes. In addition superuser/admin can view total number of employees in onwork, onleave, approved leave & permission and available SMS credits. It also provides detailed report in tabular view by selecting any services.

No matter what issue or questions pops up, we are always there to assist me. Our Team Experts are here to assist you in spot and remote location.

Employee management is accessed only by superuser/admin which enables them to create/update/relieve/view employee, view employee calendar and attendance history, add/cancel/view manual leave/permission/onduty for employee, unblock attendance and shift blocked employee, create/update/remove/view approval hierarchy for employee, reset employee account password and much more.

Our team will provide custom forms and reports based on customer requirement. No restriction for customization!